In Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve, where the Ucayali and Marañon Rivers meet and form the world´s longest river, the Amazon. Enjoy walks of discovery through the jungle, dugout canoe rides, camp in the jungle´s interior, fish for piranha and other local species, and above all, search for local wildlife, including dolphins, tropical birds, and Cayman Alligators.

Canoing, Jungle Hike, Night-Trip To See Cayman Alligators, Jungle Walk, Formation Of The Amazon River

Itinerary of Piranha

Day 1 - Canoing – Jungle Hike – Night-Trip To See Cayman All

We´ll pick you up for your hotel at 8:00 and head to the city of Nauta by private car for about 1hr 45min. Once we reach the city there´ll be a small walking tour through Nauta´s streets. We´ll then continue on by boat on the Marañón River until we reach the Piranha Ecoexplorer Refuge on the shores of a lagoon. Upon reaching the lodge we´ll refresh ourselves with a typical jungle welcoming drink while the private cabañas are assigned and we go over the plans for the trip to follow.
We´ll have time for a short canoe trip through the Poza Cocha lagoon before lunch. Afterwards, we´ll set off through the jungle to observe the local flora and fauna. You´ll see such plants as the Capirona, Capinuri (renowned for its medicinal properties), Chonta, Mohena, the Cecropias with its ´snake fingers´ fruit, and the enormous vine-festooned Ceibas/Lapunas (Silk Cotton Trees), which are so tall that in a jungle of trees they acted as landmarks for river navigating. Most were harvested by the Spanish and local peoples, but some still remain. The trees come to life with birds including, among others, macaws, parrots, wild ducks, herons, cormorants, horned screamers, and kingfishers. Throughout the trip your guide will share with you his knowledge about the jungle´s plant and animal life. We´ll return to the lodge for dinner and then depart in the evening for a special night-trip by canoe in order to see the Cayman Alligators and other nocturnal species. At the end of the day´s activities we´ll spend the night in the lodge.

Day 2 - Jungle Walk - Formation Of The Amazon River

The day begins with a morning walk through the jungle to see the monkeys and squirrel in their habitat. After returning to the lodge and enjoying a filling breakfast we´ll head out by motorboat towards the point where the Marañón and Ucayali Rivers merge into the powerful Amazon River. Here we´ll watch the gray and pink dolphins and see the Victoria Amazonica, the largest water lily in the world, whose leaves reach up to 3m in diameter. Afterwards we´ll return to the refuge for lunch. After lunch you´ll be transported by boat to the city of Nauta and from there by car to the city of Iquitos to be dropped off at your hotel or the Iquitos airport.

This program includes

  • Hotel or Airport Pickup
  • Transport
  • Bilingual Guide
  • All Requisite Equipment for the Excursions


This program does not include

  • Entry fee to the Reserve
  • Beer, soda, cigarettes, drinks
  • Laundry Service
  • Plane Tickets
  • Tips

What to bring