Climbing Misti Volcano

The town of Arequipa considers the active Misti Volcano a symbol of its city and its culture. The efforts to climb the great volcano will be rewarded by having a beautiful panoramic view from the summit, which includes the mountains, snowy peaks, volcanoes, the White City of Arequipa and all its countryside. Even more impressive, we will be able to appreciate the crater of the volcano! (Do not worry - this volcano only erupted 4 times in 500 years).

Climbing Misti Volcano

Itinerary of Climbing Misti Volcano

Day 1 - Arequipa - Misti Volcano Base Camp

We will pick you up from your hotel in Arequipa in the morning at the agreed time and we will travel in 4x4 until arriving at our starting point at the base of the Misti volcano (3,300 m). During the climb we will pass through various altitude zones, watching the changes of the flora as we climb.

We will build the camp at 4,700 m. Of altitude. From there we will have an unforgettable and impressive view of the city of Arequipa. We will enjoy a hot dinner while the guide tells us the local legends and the history of the Misti and Chachani volcanoes.

Day 2 - Base Camp To The Volcano´s Crater

We will start the day with breakfast very early before the ascent begins. Then it will be time to face the top of the volcano. It will be 6 hours of walking through ever clearer views of the surrounding landscape. Once we reach the summit we will have unbeatable views of the imposing landscape of the Chachani and Picchu Picchu, Aguada Blanca dam, Lake Salinas, and the White City of Arequipa, under the perfectly conical shadow of the Misti.

On a clear summer day we'll be able to see the Pacific Ocean in the distance. What will really amaze us. We will also be amazed by the volcano's perfect crater. After the walk we will be pleased to know that the descent of the volcano is quite easy. Sand and ash will help us slow down when needed. Once we reach the base camp we will pack and then continue the descent until we reach our pick up point, from where we will return to Arequipa in 4x4, arriving at about 4pm.

This program includes

  • Transport by 4x4
  • Professional Mountain Guide.
  • Climbing & Camping Equipment (tent, mattresses, etc)
  • Meals
    * 1Breakfast
    * 1 Dinner


This program does not include

  • Sleeping Bag
  • Warm Jacket
  • Flashlight
  • 4L Water
  • Snacks

What to bring