About Chachapoyas

Located in the north Forest of Peru, it is possible to come in flights from the city of the Lima to the same airport of Chachapoyas or to the airport in Jaen (in this case you will have to take a mobility that takes you to Chachapoyas).

Chachapoyas undoubtedly will be the favorite destination this 2018 with the new tours that can be realized in one day to visit impressive places as the Mausoleums of Revash, the Quiocta Caverns or the Gocta Waterfall, catalogued like the third biggest of the world.

If you travel to Chachapoyas, Kuelap  is a place that you cannot allow visiting. This fortitude constructed by the ancient settlers Chachapoyas is located on the mountains in an almost inaccessible place and that up to today is a mystery for the archaeologists and experts who have studied it.