How to get to Pirwa San Blas?

Pirwa San Blas Hostel Edited: Sat, 28 Jan 2017

From the airport


Pirwa San Blas located in the picturesque artisan neighborhood of the city of Cusco is in the Tandapata - San Blas street where you can access from the airport in a 20 minute journey taking a taxi inside the airport for a price ranging from 20 to 30 soles.


Pirwa also offers pick up service from the airport, with comfortable and competitive rates with safe taxis that will take you to Lucrepata Street from where you will find our hostel on the Tandapata pedestrian street only 3 minutes walk away. To hire this service you can send us an email to providing your flight details (flight number, time of arrival and company name).


From the Bus Terminal


If you decide to arrive to Cusco by land, your bus will probably stop at the land terminal of the city (except Cruz del Sur, which has its own terminal a few meters away). From the terminal the best is to take an authorized taxi from the terminal that will cost between S / .8 to S / 12.00 soles (no more). Unfortunately we do not offer the transfer from the bus terminal, so to get there without further inconvenience you should tell the driver that our hostel is in Tandapata street # 670 which is a pedestrian route so it is best to make your entry through Lucrepata street or as a reference More direct the San Blas market.


From there you will have to walk  only 3 minutes and you will find our hostel.

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