How to get to Pirwa Nazca?

Pirwa Nazca Hostel Edited: Sat, 28 Jan 2017

From the bus station


In Nazca there is no general terminal, each transport company has its own "bus station" in one of the main avenues and they are located at close distance from each other. Bus companies better known as Cruz del Sur, and Ormeño have their own terminals and Pirwa Hostel Nazca is located only 3 als (7 minutes walking). If you arrive during the day it is very easy to walk, but Pirwa offers a free pick up service if you arrive between 7am and 7pm, just send us details of the bus (departure time, company name and place of origin). If you arrive outside these hours we can still organize the service, but it could have an additional cost, just contact us via e-mail.



Many taxi drivers try to convince travelers to take them to other hostels where they receive commissions. Do not be fooled and indicate that you have a reservation in Pirwa. If you have booked with us you will have your room and if not, we always have additional beds for those who do not have a reservation.

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