How to get to Pirwa B&B Inclan?

Pirwa Lima Hostel Edited: Sat, 28 Jan 2017

From the bus stations:


The Pirwa Inclan B & B is located in the heart of the Miraflores coastal district, just four blocks from the Kennedy Park. Although Lima has a bus terminal, most bus companies have their own private terminals, and larger companies have more than one terminal. Due to this, if you are going to arrive in Lima by bus and you are interested in coordinating your pick up, please contact us at with the details of your arrival (bus company, station address, Procedure and time of departure) and we will take care with pleasure.


From Lima Airport:


Jorge Chavez International Airport is 40 and 50 minutes by taxi from Pirwa, in Callao Area where it is not recommended to go walking. People should take a registered taxi from inside the airport, which normally costs more than an informal taxi on the street, but is safer. Pirwa Hostels offers a pick up service at competitive prices available 24 hours a day. If you arrive early in the day, and you do not care about slow arrival conditions, another option is to take the Urbanito bus, but be sure to take care of your belongings while traveling.


Attention:  In many cases, taxi drivers try to persuade travelers to go to other hostels where they receive commissions. If you have a reservation with us, we have an assured place for you.

We may have some beds for travelers who have not booked in advance.

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