You Should Take a Cooking Class in Lima

You Should Take a Cooking Class in Lima

Peruvian kitchenYou can’t truly experience Lima until you’ve smelled the produce in its traditional markets and tried its famous dishes, which combine Spanish, Andean, African, and Asian influences to create a unique and complex cuisine. This is why our travel agency in Lima offers a special excursion for those who’d like to immerse themselves in the city’s culture: a cooking class that takes you from market to plate.

We start off with coffee and then begin a circuit that will take us through the seaside districts of Miraflores, Barranco, and San Isidro. You’ll see some of their attractions and visit a local market to learn about the fruits, vegetables, and sea food that the region offers.

fruits on display at market in limaseafood vendor with octopus in a market in Limamedicinal plants for sale at Lima market

The guide will point out plants which are thought to have medicinal benefits and other products of interest. You’ll even have the opportunity to try exotic fruits such as the lúcuma, pacae, cherimoya, and aguaymanto.

Then it will be time to visit La Rosa girl standing in front of the rosa nautica restaurant in miraflores, lima-peruNáutica, an iconic restaurant on the ocean, which you can reach by its own pier. It’s an agreeable restaurant with panoramic views. There, we’ll have a Pisco Sour tasting. (Pisco Sour is considered Peru’s banner cocktail.) As ceviche is the national dish, that’s what we’ll be preparing. It’s the perfect recipe to remember Lima with.

With the help of quality ingredients and a passionate, knowing instructor, you’re sure to create a delicious lunch. Finally, we’ll enjoy the fruit of our labor and sample other traditional dishes as well as we enjoy a memorable lunch.

toasting with pisco sourscooking class in Lima, Perueating ceviche

Our hostel in Lima, Pirwa Inclan B&B, is located in Miraflores, just a few blocks from popular Kennedy Park. If you’d like assistance planning your stay in Lima, our receptionists can offer you travel information and tour options. You can also contact our agency directly at


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