World Day Tourism in Cusco, What to see and do?

World Day Tourism in Cusco, What to see and do?

Every September 27th the “Tourism Day” is celebrated worldwide and in Peru it is celebrated with gastronomic, artisanal and cultural fairs in the main cities of the country.

One of the cities that celebrates this day is Cusco, where one of the 7 wonders of the World – Machu Picchu – is located and for that reason it is visited by thousands of tourists a year and during the month of September it is a good season to visit it given that the Beginning of Spring and the presence of large festivities is greater than in other months of the “Low Season”.

Some of this festivals take place on September 8, where you will be able to appreciate a great amount of typical dances from Cusco and the Altiplano, celebrating the “Birth of Mary” through a sculpture of colonial times called “Mamacha Natividad”, this festival It celebrates from 07th to September 09th and has nothing to envy to other famous festivals such as “La Candelaria” in Puno or “The Virgin del Carmen” in Paucartambo.

Also during the month the most important tourist places in the city have easier access due to the low presence of rain, some of these places you must visit during your trip so that it is complete and do not go without missing something, although Cusco offers many places of this type that perhaps give you that feeling when you return home.

Rainbow Mountain

2 years ago this incredible landscape turned into one of the must-see places during your visit to Cusco.

Rainbow Mountain or Apu Winicunca (in Quechua) is a mountain that presents different colors on its surface that resemble the colors of the Rainbow so it has attracted much attention from visitors.

To get to this mountain you must make a trek of 2 to 3 hours so we must have an optimal physical condition and acclimatize at least 1 day in the city of Cusco. But the option of riding is also available.

Humantay Lake

Beautiful lagoon with crystalline turquoise and blue waters located at the base of the Humantay Mountain which is also next to the Snow mountain of Salkantay, a route that is also used to reach Machu Picchu as an alternative to the oversaturated and sometimes expensive Inca Trail.

Humantay Lake gives you the opportunity to appreciate impressive natural landscapes of the Peruvian Andes and relax from the bustle of the city and tourist places full of people, being a relatively new destination is not yet visited by large numbers of visitors but it is easy Access given that the access routes are optimal.


The city of Cusco in itself is an interesting place as it is a living museum, where you can see in its streets, houses, temples and archaeological centers the history of this city from the time before the Inca inclusive.

A walk through the Main Square of Cusco or the narrow streets of the neighborhood of San Blas are not a bad idea because in addition to being able to appreciate the beauty of these you can buy some of the best crafts made by internationally renowned craftsmen such as the Mendivil, Olave and Merida in San Blas.

Another good alternative is to go to the temple of San Cristobal or to the area called “Cristo Blanco”; places that are natural viewpoints from where you can see the entire Valley of Cusco which is surrounded by mountains, no doubt perfect places to relax and get pictures for immortalize our visit to this magical city.

These are just some ideas and places to do and visit during your visit to Cusco that as you can see is not only Machu Picchu but there is a wide variety of destinations for all tastes.

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