Tourist Ticket Cusco (what to visit? where to buy? And tips)

Tourist Ticket Cusco (what to visit? where to buy? And tips)


If you already have your trip programmed to Cusco or you are still planning it you must know that there exists a Tourist Ticket with which you can visit the majority of tourist attractions which are included inside the most popular tours included inside the tourist bundles that the agencies offer in the city. These are alone some consultations that we have received on the part of our clients and we will try to answer all of them.

How many types of Tourist Ticket exist?

There are 2 types of ticket which are adapted to the itinerary of the travelers.

1. – General, named Tourist Ticket like that since it includes 14 tourist places between which there find some museums inside the city and archaeological centers in the periphery of the city of the Cusco and the Sacred Valley of the Incas.

This ticket has a duration of 10 days from the validity date of commencement of you ticket * you can choose the date from which you want initiate the validity of the ticket and do not initiate necessary the same day of the buy.2. – Partial, named Tourist Ticket like that because only it includes some of 14 tourist places I divide in circuits designed in accordance with the different tours inside the city. For example in the Circuit 1 there are included the archaeological centers of Sacsayhuaman, Qenq’o, Puca Pucara and Tambomachay, these 4 places known as 4 ruins normally are included inside City Tour of Cusco that only takes noon.

The circuit 2 on the other hand has a duration of 2 days and understands some museums as the museum of Place of the Coricancha (eye is not the archaeological center of the Coricancha which is not included inside this ticket), regional historical museum, contemporary art museum and the monument to Pachacuteq, which are inside the city and you can visit them in one day without the need to hire a tour, for example in a free day that you have inside your bundle.

This circuit also include the archaeological centers of Tipón and Pikillacta that are in the south part of the city of the Cusco and if you want to visit them we recommend to you to hire the tour of South Vale that offers it our agency.

The circuit 3 also with a duration of 2 days is one of most requested since it comprises the archaeological centers of the Sacred Vale and you can make use of it completely taking the tours of Sacred Valley in 1 day and Maras – Moray the second day.

Where is it possible to buy the Tourist Ticket?

It is possible to buy the alone tourist ticket of way presencial in the city of the Cusco and not for Internet. You can buy any of the tickets in the door of revenue of the different museums or archaeological centers included inside the ticket or in the same city of the Cusco in “Tourist Galleries” located in the Sol Avenue #103 just one block from the Main Square. Does the Tourist Ticket include service of guide and mobility?

No, the ticket only stipulates the revenue to 14 tourist attractions described in the top part of this blog.

Do tariffs exist for children?

The children do not pay up to 9 years of age, from the 10 up to 17 years they have a right to acquire the student’s ticket only with the presentation of the document of identity (ID card, Passport, etc. )

Can I pay only to visit a specific place?

No, for such a case, it is possible to buy the Partial Ticket in accordance with the circuit to which there belongs the place that you want to visit.

With how many anticipation is it necessary to buy the Tourist Ticket?

The tourist Ticket sells in the day, they neither become exhausted, nor are postponed in its use, it has an exact date of validity.

Can I use the Ticket of another person?

No, the ticket is a good that has recorded the name of the person who has bought it, therefore, it is possible neither to give nor sell, as well as it is necessary to show the identity document together with this one on having entered to the tourist place to visit.

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