This week’s Vendimia Festival 2015 in Ica

This week’s Vendimia Festival 2015 in Ica

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A few days ago, the city of Ica in Peru’s desert coastal region began the Vendimia Festival in celebration of the grape harvest. The fertile oases of Ica have been producing wine and pisco brandy since colonial times, and now’s the perfect time to visit them and to tour the region’s artisanal bodegas, enjoy tastings, participate in grape stompings, and watch local dances and parades.

The great float and dance parade takes place on the festival’s principal day, which is always the second Friday in March. This means that you’ll want to head to the Ica city center on March 13th to enjoy the show!

These are the participating bodegas for those of you who want to take part in their Grape Stomping route:

Wednesday, Mar 11th: Bodega Centauro

11:00am        Pisco Sour welcome, traditional grape stomping to the rhythm of the
Peruvian cajón
11:30am        Guided visit, marinera dancing, afroperuvian dancing, folkloric negritos dance
12:00pm        Lunch in honor of the Vendimia Queen
12:30pm        Gifts for participants, traditional yunza where a tree is hung with gifts,
participants circle dance around the tree and some take turns trying to fell
the tree with an ax. Whoever knocks the tree down sets up next year’s
yunza, and when the tree falls everyone gathers to collect prizes, as with a
2:00pm         Farewell with carnaval dances
Thursday, Mar 12th: Bodega turística “El Catador”

5:00pm         Grape mazamorra pudding contest
6:00pm         Chinguerito contest
8:00pm         Grape stomping
Selection of the Queen of Chinguerito and the Queen of Confraternity
9:00pm         Burning of the Castles and Fireworks Show
10:00pm       Dinner, toast of honor
12:00am       Party with Orquesta Los Gutiérrez
Friday, Mar 13th: Bodega Lazo

8:00am-8:00pm  Sale of promotional wine and pisco products and of regional dishes.
12:00-3:00pm      Passing of the Queen of Vendimia, Queen of Tourism, and the court in a
colonial carriage from Tres esquinas to the bodega. Guided visit and
7:00pm                 Traditional grape stomping and the washing of the feet of the queens.
Saturday, Mar 14th: Bodega Sotelo
1:00-3:00pm            Pachamanca (Andean meal cooked in the earth) & fried pork chicharrón lunch
3:00-6:00pm            Guided visit, tasting, greeting from the Vendimia Queen and her court
6:30 pm                      Traditional grape stomping and folkloric dances
9:00 pm – 3:00 am   Dinner and dancing with Orquesta Generación

Enjoy the fun learning about the afroperuvian and winemaking culture of Ica during this year’s Vendimia Festival!

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