Adventure packages you can do in Nazca and Pisco.

Adventure packages you can do in Nazca and Pisco.

Sandboarding in Cerro Blanco Dune

We recommend starting early, at around 5 in the morning, so you can avoid the exposure to the sun rays which become very annoying at noon.

The package includes a transfer from your hostel in Nazca, after this the departure towards to Cerro Blanco dune in the Nazca desert will be in a 4 by 4 track. This dune is considered by many people as the highest dune around the world. It takes half an hour to get to the 28th kilometre, which is the nearest point we can reach by car. From that point on, is a 3 hours way until we get to the top of the desert at around 9 am.

Through the route you can enjoy wonderful sightseeing from the surroundings. Once we get to the best place to appreciate the landscape, is time to rest and receive lessons from instructor about sand boarding, applications and security instructions, even about how to practiceduneboard nazca snowboarding styles. There are few smaller dunes where you can practice before taking the big leap. From the top of the dune, there are two falls; one of 600 meters whereas the other of 1 km.

Make sure to take the best possible pictures before the time to return and don’t forget to bring enough water because the route lasts about 4 hours.

The tour can be arranged from 1 person. That’s for sure, the entry is not allowed to under eighteen years old if they come alone.

Overflight the Nazca lines

volando-las-lineas-de-nazcaWe assure that this route, although less intense but also interesting, will live up your expectations. The package tour includes a transfer from hostel in Nazca to the bus station and then to the aerodrome, where you will board an airplane that overflies the Nazca lines daily. The plane will pass two times over each figure, with the intent that the passengers of the both sides of the plane can appreciate them carefully and can take pictures; even the plane will make a twist with the purpose of obtain better views.

Some of the figures that you will see are the whale, the trapezoid, the monkey, the dog, the condor, the gannet, the parrot, the tree and the hands. This curious trip will last approximately 30 minutes.

The minimum amount of visitors to do this tour is 1 person. We recommend bringing light clothes, sun block and some extra money in soles; the local currency. If you wish to obtain more information about what’s included visit our website.

Trip on buggy through the Usaca desert

The package includes a transfer from your hostel in Nazca or from the bus terminal, between 2 and 2:30 in the afternoon, the trip through the Usaca desert will be in a buggy; these little cars are ideal to drive through the desert; they can even jump over the dunes!pisco acueductos ocongalla

We will make a stop in Ocongalla, so we can visit an ancient aqueduct system which was the only way for pre-Columbian Cultures to irrigate the ground, finally achieving to turn the ground a fertile land. We can also visit an antique place of worship commonly known as Cahuachi pyramids, an archaeological place that will give you any ideas of how Nazca Civilization was.

The route ends with a leisure time for doing sand boarding. The instructor will provide some instructions and safety standards before you can practice some sliding on the sand.  It’s up to you. You can slide on dune with 30 to 400 meters high.

The minimum amount of visitors necessary to do this tour is 1 person, over the age of 10 but always accompanied by their parents. Complete duration tour is 4 hours and require an average physical level.


cahuachi pisco

Itinerary of Huacachina Lagoon

The package includes pick-up service from your hotel. Then we will start the city tour with a visit of an old wine cellar, where they produce Pisco, the famouse Peruvian booze among others such as brandy made with grapes. A worker of this place will explain us how is the process to get the wine, while we take a short tour around the cellar. After the visit of the wine cellar, the visitors are invited to try and taste the different types of Pisco and wines produced in this same place. Then we will continue the tour with a visit to the Regional Museum of Ica, which is without any doubt one of the most important museums at the south coast of Peru. Here, the visitors can appreciate the interesting antique relicts of different cultures that inhabited the region of Ica.


Eventually we will head to the Oasis of Huacachina, which is situated in a distance of 5 kilometers of the center of Ica. At this wonderful lagoon, we can enjoy the peaceful weather and the quite atmosphere of this place while we walk in the surroundings searching beautiful pics. The enormous dunes surrounding the lagoon, allow the visitors to practice one of the most fascinating sports of this region, the popular sand boarding.


  • Packages may include accommodation or not depending on customer’s choice.
  • Prices can vary depending on the reservation date, availability of services provided by our partners, and other conditions. Final prices should be calculates by our sales consultants.
  • Departures are subject to availability
  • Minors should travel with a parent or authorized adult

Don’t forget to click on links to obtain detailed information of the route as well extra advices for the route and what’s included or not.

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