The New & Improved Pirwa Hostel in Nazca

The New & Improved Pirwa Hostel in Nazca

Pirwa Hostel in NazcaPirwa Hostel in Nazca

We’re thrilled to announce that there’ve been great changes for Pirwa Nazca Hostel! We now boast a new location on Avenida Juan Matta, just three blocks from the city’s main square, or Plaza de Armas.

The new and improved Pirwa Nazca Hostel offers all private rooms: married or twin double rooms and triple rooms. All of the rooms have private bathrooms equipped with hot water 24/7, toiletries, towels, and a hair dryer. The rooms have cable TV and wi-fi access, and they also all have fans to keep you comfortable in the Nazca heat. A few, not all, of the room are air-conditioned, so please keep in mind that air-conditioning is available, but upon prior request and at additional cost.

If you’re traveling by car or motorcycle, Pirwa Hostel in Nazcathere’s a garage that you can use. Furthermore, reception is open 24 hours a day, so there’s no curfew and you can leave or arrive at any time.

How to Get to Nazca (and the hostel!)

Overnight buses to Nazca run from Lima, Cusco, and Arequipa. In Lima, you can make the trip during the daytime as well. From nearby Ica, travelers can get to Nazca in 2-3 hours by taking a shared taxi or small bus known as a colectivo, which will only set you back S/12 soles. Rather than arrive at a single terminal, most buses have their own stations.

Travel to Nazca, PeruTravel to Nazca, PeruThe Plaza de Armas, or main square, of Nazca, Peru

Since Pirwa Nazca is located just three blocks from the Cruz del Sur and Soyuz bus stations, and five blocks from the Ormeño bus station, we’re happy to offer free pickups! If you’d like to arrange a pickup, please contact us at at least 24 hours prior to your expected arrival. We only need the following arrival details: the bus company, departure city, departure time, and arrival time. (The departure time is important because it allows us to track your bus’s progress, which is necessary since the arrival times are wildly approximate.)

If you don’t have a pickup, please keep in mind that the Nazca bus terminal is notorious for being overrun with touts and taxi drivers who try to divert travelers to other hostels in order to earn a commission. They might say your reserved hostel closed long ago, is completely full, that the service isn’t satisfactory, etc. They will also give you the hard-sell for tours, but these can be questionable or nonexistent services, so it’s best not to commit to buying a tour right upon arrival. As for lodging, if you have a reservation with us, we have a room for you, and if not, we always keep some beds for travelers who have not booked in advance.

If you are arriving very late or very early, choose a registered taxi from within the terminal parking lot rather than from the street- the cost may be slightly higher, but it is the safer choice. You must negotiate a price prior to entering the taxi.

To arrive at Pirwa Nazca Hostel on foot from  Flying over the Nazca Lines in Peruthe main square, you just need to walk north along Calle Arica, one of the streets which leads into the square. After one block, you’ll reach the corner of Avenida Juan Matta. Turn left, and walk for two and a half blocks until reaching the hostel (you’ll be walking west).

If you’re looking for comfortable, affordable lodging during your trip to Nazca Lines, visit our new hostel in Nazca!

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