What are the Best Beaches in Peru?

What are the Best Beaches in Peru?

Two girls riding horses on Mancora Beach in PeruThe coast of Peru has plenty to offer beach bums and travelers looking for respite from cold Andean nights. Right now, South America is in the middle of summer, with Peruvian nationals flocking to sun-backed beaches to enjoy impressive waves and the country’s freshest and cheapest seafood.

Luckily for today’s travelers, some of the best beaches have become more accessible in recent years. They’re found near the coastal cities of Tumbes or Piura, along Peru’s northern coast.

Although much of its fishing village roots Mancora Beach in Peruwere lost as Máncora became fashionable, it retains a relaxed vibe. As Peru’s most popular beach destination, Máncora boasts the most facilities, all arranged along one main drag filled with open-air bars and restaurants. Reliable crowds make this a great choice for those looking for a robust social scene. While Máncora won’t offer you the best surfing waves, or the most tranquil beaches, you’ll find the best midnight bonfire parties and will find it easy to rent surfboards or arrange for kit-surfing lessons. It’s even Peru’s second most popular destination for New Year’s Eve revelry (after the top choice, Cuzco).

Walking through the town of Máncora in PeruRelaxing in a hammock on Mancora Beach in PeruNight party on Mancora Beach in Peru

You can read more about the beach town of Máncora in an earlier post, or take a bus from the town of Piura and see it for yourself!

Watching Humpback Whales at Los Órganos Beach in PeruJust 8 miles south of Máncora is Los Órganos, and its best beach, Punta Veleros. While a more family-oriented area may not be that attractive to all backpackers, Los Órganos has a very strong selling point for several months out of the year: it’s a whale-watching mecca. When the huge mammals migrate to these warmer waters in order to breed, it’s the perfect time to go on a boat-trip in order to watch them.

Learn more about whale watching in Peru.
Then there’s the isolated fisherman’s village Los Órganos Beach in Peruof Cabo Blanco, which is renowned for sportfishing, even holding the world record for the largest black marlin caught off the coast. It’s also a surfing destination with enviable pipeline waves, especially at well-known Panic Point. It’s located approximately 90 miles north of the city of Piura, from where it’s easy to find daily transport to the beach.

Not far from Cabo Blanco, you’ll find Los Lobitos (82 miles northwest of Piura). Thanks to the cooling effect of the Humboldt Current and more mild weather marked by strong winds, it’s colder than other beaches. While year-round good weather is not one of its advantages, it boasts waves that make it absolutely perfect for surfing and kite-surfing. While the oil rigs in the distance mar the horizon, the village itself is quite picturesque.

Los Lobitos Beach in Northern PeruSeahorse at Máncora BeachSurfing at Los Lobitos Beach in Northern Peru

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