Take Part in the Puno Anniversary Celebrations on Lake Titicaca this November

Take Part in the Puno Anniversary Celebrations on Lake Titicaca this November

Puno_Peru_Anniversary_Celebrations_Lake_Titicaca_November_12Next Tuesday, Puno will celebrate its 346th Founding Anniversary. As part of the celebrations, the city has released an official month-long program with more than a hundred activities; the best of which we’ve compiled here.

The main parade will take place on Nov 3rd and will be followed by the traditional Serenade to Puno concert and the Great Puneñan Night, which amounts to a huge open-air party that will include live musical acts and fireworks. The following day, there’ll be a theatrical presentation of the rising from the waters of Lake Titicaca of the mythical Manco Cápac, who according to Incan legend was child of the sun who eventually founded the Incan Empire in Cusco. He ruled alongside his wife and sister Mama Ocllo, who will also make an appearance.

Ancient traditions will be on display, from Puno_Peru_Anniversary_Celebrations_Lake_Titicaca_November_01textile art to the teaching of agriculture labor, and hundreds of actors play well-prepared roles as warrior Incas, quipucamayoc accountants, priests, beautiful ñusta women, and more. It begins with a payment to the earth deity, the Pachamama, on the floating island of Apu Inti, after which they cross Lake Titicaca and process along the main streets of Puno. Rituals such as the salute to the Sun, the payment to the earth, and the challachi will be reenacted in Puno, and traditional dances will be presented.

Monday, Nov 3rd

08:00-12:30hs                      Great Carolina Parade

(main streets of Cusco)

14:00hs                                Gran Parada Puneña Homage to the Silver City

(Begins at Parque la Madre, ends at Parque Mariátegui)

19:00hs                                Salute to Puno on her Anniversary Parade

by the Immortal Caprales HuascarPuno_Peru_Anniversary_Celebrations_Lake_Titicaca_November_05

(main streets of Puno)

19:00hs                                Serenade to Puno 

(Terminal Terrestre)

20:00hs                                Grand Celebration of the Puñenan Night

(Plaza de Armas)

Tuesday, Nov 4th

08:00hs                                Te Deum Mass

(Basilica Cathedral)

16:00 hs                               Atardecer Pandillero

(Plaza de Armas)

17:00hs                                National Symphonic Orchestra

(Puno Municipal Theater)

Wednesday, Nov 5th

06:00hs                        The Origin of Manco Cápac & Mama Ocllo: Reenactment & Ritual

(Isla los Uros, Puerto Muelle de Puno, Enrique Torres Belón Stadium)

12:00hs                         XXXII Entrance of the K’apus

(main streets of Puno)

9:00 – 19hs                   Free Entry to the Carlos Dreyer Museum

*through November 8th

Friday, Nov 7th

10:00hs                         Pandillas Contest

part of the Floral Games 2014

(Plaza de Armas)

Saturday, Nov 8th

18:00hs                  IV Homage to Puno Symphonic Concert

 (Municipal Theater)url

Sunday, Nov 09th

10:00hs          IV Titicaca Extreme Downhill

extreme biking descent over 3800 meters above sea level

(Urbanización San José, behind the Economy Faculty)

Nov 10th & 11th

10 – 14hs               Amazon of Puno Photo Exhibition

(Plaza de Armas)

Thursday, Nov 13th

09:00hs                  Pavimental Art Contest

part of the Floral Games

(Plaza de Armas)

Saturday, Nov 15th – 16th

11:00hs               VI Andean Flavor Food Fair

(Huajsapata Market)

Friday, Nov 21st

19:00hs               Titicaca Festival

(Plaza de Armas)

Sunday, Oct 23rdPuno_Peru_Anniversary_Celebrations_Lake_Titicaca_November_05

09:00hs               Biking Competition

(Av. Costanera)

Tuesday, Nov 25th

10:00hs                March Against Violence Against Women

(main streets of Puno)

Thursday, Nov 27th

15:00hs                Huajsapata Prize, Algarabía & Folklore on the Altiplano

(Casa de la Cultura)

19:00hs               Quenas de Altura Festival

(Municipal Theater)

Friday, Nov 28th

09:00hs               III City of Silver Sikuri Contest

(Plaza de Armas & Main Streets)

10:00hs               Meeting of the Regional Musical Bands

(Av. Sesquicentenario)

Saturday, Nov 29th

10:00hs               Presentation of Traditional Costumes for Candelaria 2015

(Av. Sesquicentenario)

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