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No plans for New Year?

New Year’s parties in Lima: know the main parties, traditions, Tours to welcome you to 2020.

If you still have not planned how to spend the first minutes of 2020 in a special and fantastic way here we inform you of some events that will take place in the capital of and everything you can do at these parties and stay Pirwa Lima Hostel.

The days pass in an inevitable way, forming cycles, the year has 365 days and twelve months, beginning in January and ending in December, the month in which we say goodbye to the present year to welcome the next month of January starting the new year.

How a new year is celebrated in Lima?

The celebration of New Year in Lima is very varied. They are usually large banquets where the favorite dishes are turkey, baked pork, accompanied by a variety of salads and rice. There is nothing better than saying goodbye in 2019 to thank you for all the good things you gave us and receive the new year full of joy and glamor in exclusive parties where fun is 100% guaranteed.

What to do in Lima during these holiday season?

Get to know the Plaza de Armas of Lima (it is one of the places that brings together the most tourism in Lima, where several important buildings are located such as the Government Palace, the Cathedral (which we will talk about just after), the Church of the Tabernacle, the Archbishop’s Palace and the Municipal).

  • Get to know St. Martin’s Square(St. Martin’s Square pays tribute to the liberating manager of the independence of Peru).

Plaza San Martin Lima

  • The viewpoint that is in the St. Martin’s Square.
  • Miraflores is the “expat” neighborhood par excellence. There you will find most foreigners and franchises, restaurants and shops.
  • Love Park The Love Park (located on the Cisneros Malecon in Miraflores, was inaugurated on a Valentine’s Day in 1993).
  • Pirwa Lima Hostel invite you to spend unforgettable days in this wonderful city located on Calle Coronel Inclan 494, Miraflores – Three minutes from the central park of Miraflores. More information contact us pirwahostels

Kabbalahs,Traditions and customs to receive the new year?

The 12 grapes: a tradition that comes from Spain, a Kabbalistic tradition, where each grape is eaten in countdown one after another making a wish, the grapes have to be 6 green and 6 purple.

Wear Yellow Underwear: Wearing a yellow underwear during the New Year’s Eve says that it brings good luck and energy for the coming year and better if worn in reverse.

New year Peru

  • Walking with a suitcase all over the block they say that by doing so they can travel.
  • Exchange of clothing by the couple, strengthens the relationship.
  • Receive the year with a bunch of bills in your hand, or inside your shoes, to attract economic prosperity.
  • Pour rice under the door frame of the room as an omen of an upcoming wedding.
  • Wear white clothes, to ward off diseases.
  • Have a candle burning when receiving the new year, to ensure peace and harmony in the home. The candle must be lit until fully consumed.
  • To have economic prosperity, some people wash their hands, at midnight, with champagne and sugar.

Where to celebrate New Year in Cusco?

Pirwa new year! For travelers, tourists and residents of this wonderful country who want to spend the new year in Peru Cusco and attract the good vibes in this wonderful city full of energy, Hostelspirwa organizes an end of the year party is not any party is the end party During the year where live music presentations are organized in a cozy atmosphere, where you can enjoy the best prices and promotions on drinks, meals we have for you, we invite you to visit us at our bar in Pirwa Colonial Backpacker located in San Francisco Square just 2 blocks from the Plaza Mayor called “Plaza de Armas”. contact us Pirwahostels 


No plans for New Year 2018? Visit Cusco

No plans for New Year 2018? Visit Cusco

The arrival of the New Year 2018 is approaching and without a doubt many of us want to spend it in a place where we can start the year with good vibes and positive energy, so we recommend you to visit the millennial city of Cusco.