Saturday’s Party at Pirwa Colonial

Saturday’s Party at Pirwa Colonial

As we mentioned earlier, we celebrated as well as this Saturday at Pirwa Colonial, and are just getting some of the photos in…unfortunately a combination of a slow camera and my photography skills mean that any photo with movement or dancing came out pretty blurry…..

Despite my hopes of professional photography being dashed, we’ll share anyway. Below, helping people don their rainbow (Tahuantinsuyu flag) ribbons:

See that last group? They’re sitting on the stairs in the lower patio, and I happen to know what their view was at that exact moment…..

….yes, it’s exactly as you guessed: underdressed Inca sentinels! Our friends put on a little show that included a sun ritual and some dancing, the latter with some flaming whips that they swung in circles, and some little platters of fire, which together managed to set off the fire alarms, which we all just pretended didn’t happen, because it would be cruel to make people evacuate during a Cusco winter dressed this way.

You are probably wondering if the glitter and underwear are historically accurate, but I’m not your wikipedia…

Then it was back up to the bar where there was a impromptu drink show-down between our Pirwa Bartenders slinging on the left-hand side, and Brazilian guests mixing on the right. It’s hard to take on the Brazilians when it comes to drinks, guys, although they conceded that Pisco Sours are tasty too!

Alongside the drinks, we hit the floor for some dancing and limbo, but basically ALL MY PHOTOS TURNED OUT LIKE THIS ONE TO THE LEFT, ALL OF THEM. You guys move too fast- I have about 30 photos that all look like this one, but I’m sparing you and only putting up one. Apparently, if you want to show up with discernable features in any of my photos, you have to be standing still or moving very sloooooowwwwwlyyyyy, and it helps to be dressed to impress (evidence follows:)

See, they had no problem showing up in photos, so maybe it would help if next time you all came dressed as them.

At the end of the night, we had to say goodbye to our Inca and our Brazilian caiparinha mixers, having done our part as cultural ambassadors. Since my photography skills completely flaked while dancing, thought we’d provide the vid instead:

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