Sacred Valley – Maras what to see and do?

Sacred Valley – Maras what to see and do?

Maras Village is located in the Sacred Valley one and a half hours by bus from the city of Cusco passing through by fertile valleys and ancients villages full of history and tradition like Poroy and Chinchero.

There are several trip alternatives to know the wonders that offer this town. In this blog we will show you some of them.

1.- Maras and Moray Tour: This is one of the most chosen tours for visitors which makes it a daily and low price affordable tour.maxresdefault

The transfering is by bus, in this trip we could appreciate the engineering knowledge of the ancients incas on the Moray zone, which apparently was an agricultural laboratory in which they built circular platforms where they could seed from medicinal plants to vegetables such as potato and corn getting the most of the steepness of the ground.

The trip continues until the Maras village where you can appreciate the beautiful Main Square of town where the St Francis of Assisi church is the first place that stands out besides the pretty colourful old colonial large houses. From this town the bus will go towards the Salt Mines of Maras in which you could see hundreds of salt wells that are still used by people in order to purchase salt on market.

2.-  ATV’s: Is a good alternative as for it mix adventure and cultural richness of the sacred valley zone, ATV trips can run in an individual or double ATV if you wish to ride with a partner.

Cuatrimotos-Maras-Moray-4The journey begins taking a bus in Cruzpata neighbourhood towards Chinchero where we make a stop to see the ancient foundations of incan buildings and the colonial church. Besides, on Sundays, you can visit their local market in which you can buy some handicraft and handmade fabrics at low affordable prices.

After that and still on board ATVs, the journey will continue towards Moray, Maras and Salt mines, to where we’ll get walking. Finally the return trip will be on board ATVs until the starting point.

You can request a simple trip that starts at noon or you can arrange a full-day trip if you want to ride around more places such as the fabulous lakes Piuray or Huaypo.CUS-029-cuatrimotos-zipline-maras-moray

3.- Maras y Moray Biking: This trip begins in the Cruzpata neighbourhood and is the ideal trip for biking and landscape photograph lovers since you can ride on beautiful terrains like Moray, the village of Maras, Maras Salt mines and lakes such as Huaypo.

The journey is on bicycle and the return trip to Cusco by touristic bus.

Just like these. Our trip alternatives are just enough which them we can enjoy this ancient amazing place.

To learn more about our trips feel free to ask for our tour operators of Pirwa Travel and Inca World Peru.maras-y-moray-en-bicicleta

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