Pirwa Travel Guide: Parque Kennedy, the Central Park of Miraflores in Lima

Pirwa Travel Guide: Parque Kennedy, the Central Park of Miraflores in Lima

One of places one should visit in Lima in Parque Kennedy, a popular oasis amidst the busy street and skyscrapers of the center of seaside Miraflores, the most popular district for lodging in Lima. It’s not just a green spot encouraging relaxation, but it also serves as the districts’ cultural center.

During the day, it’s peopled with couples enjoying the sunshine, businessmen on break, tourists, shoe-shiners, and vendors hawking butifarra sandwiches, popcorn, and fritters such as churros or picarones. The park is anchored on one end by a children’s playground and on the opposing end by the Iglesia de la Virgen Milagrosa, next to which one finds the municipal palace which, in honor of its architect, the Luis Miroquesada Garland Art Gallery was inaugurated.  A great variety of cats lounge around the park, where they’ve lived there since it was initially constructed on the water canal and the city deposited them there to control the rats which as a result were threatening the greenery.

What’s relaxing in the daytime takes on a more festive atmosphere in the evening as Peruvian handicrafts and antiques are exhibited and sold at the handicraft market which pops up on the raised Artisan’s Rotunda, or along Painters Row.

The sidewalk cafes which ring the park turn on their lights and the restaurants and clubs, some of the best in Lima, begin to buzz, their overflow making the park bustle. Folkloric dancers, mimes, poetry reciters, choirs, and all manner of street performers take the “stage” in the center of the small cement amphitheater. Or, on the weekends, criollo musicians will often play so couples can dance.

Miraflores is the most popular base for travelers visiting Lima for a variety of reasons: it’s the “greenest” and safest of the city’s districts, with the most parks, its seaside cliffs are popular for paragliding and its waves for surfers, it boasts some of the city’s best restaurants (especially seafood and ceviche joints) and clubs. It even boasts some pre-Incan ruins in the form of the Huaca Puccllana pyramid shrine. Both of our Pirwa Hostels Lima locations are located in the heart of Miraflores for these reasons. Our hostel in Lima, Pirwa Inclan B&B, is located just four blocks from Kennedy Park and offers a variety of private rooms as well as a small shared dormitory, four blocks from the Park.


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