Pirwa Backpacker Colonial Hostel – Cusco

Pirwa Backpacker Colonial Hostel – Cusco

Located in one of the best areas of the city of Cusco – the Plaza San Francisco – located just 2 blocks from the Main Square of Cusco. This important square of the city is the only botanical garden within the city and has a wide variety of medicinal, aromatic and ornamental plants, which you can see in a free to stroll through this beautiful square.

This Square also has a beautiful church dedicated to St. Francis of Assisi, and a museum in which you can know a little more about the life of this character and the history of the city of Cusco.

In this plaza is also located our Hostel – Pirwa backpacker Colonial – The name of “Colonial” takes due to it is located in a colonial house, which still retains its infrastructure with the classic long corridor and width that gives you the welcome – currently the reception is located there.

Continues to a first courtyard surrounded by arches and then continues along the left-hand side to a second courtyard. On the right side of the first courtyard continue to stairs which take you to the second level of the same and where you can find a balcony that gives you a privileged view of the whole square.

Now kept the balcony to which all our guests have access and where if you wish you can enjoy breakfast (included in our rates) or simply appreciate and why not take a picture to share in their social networks.

Eventually in festive dates for the city and the 24 of June, Halloween or New Year parties are organized within the hostel as it also has a bar which serves all the nights, offering drinks and alcoholic beverages at affordable prices.

If your idea of travel is to come to have fun, relax and get to know new people without spending a lot of money – Pirwa Colonial is your best option because it offers a good location, comfortable rooms and a very good price, cleanliness and fun. Do not wait any longer and book your room Here!.

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