Pentecostal Festival in Cusco and Sacred Valley of the Incas

Pentecostal Festival in Cusco and Sacred Valley of the Incas

Each year Catholics celebrated the Holy Spirit came down to give courage and wisdom to Jesus Crist apostles for they can profess all the knowledge that their master learned. Now this celebrations is commemorated in whole world and Cusco it does not the exception.

Torrechayoc Urubamba - Pirwa TravelPentecostal occurred 50 days after Easter day therefore this has a variable date of celebration. This year it was occurred on Sunday 4th June and in Cusco city, Urubamba and Ollantaytambo villages there are traditional dances, processions and local gastronomical festival.

In Urubamba village located one hour by car from Cusco, Lord of Torrechayoc, who is the village´s patron saint from the old resident tell different story about the beginning of this celebration. The most popular narrated that in the Colonial time; the Spaniards put a cross over a snow mountain close to Urubamba village (this to get all the native people forget all their old Gods). This tale narrate that different people go through by this way had visions with this cross who reveal that he was hurting for the cold of this place and wish to be moved to another place. The bishop of the town heard this entire story and with the mayor and the habitants decided to move the cross to the Urubamba village and built a sanctuary in there where actually there are a church to venerate him.

Sr. de Choquekillca - Pirwa TravelSimilar happens in Ollantaytambo village that is distance from Urubamba just half hour. Here Lord of Choquekillca is celebrated and he is the village´s saint patron. The most popular story about him was narrate by Roman Ontan an old habitant and owner of different farms close to Choquekillca sector, where he saw for first time a beautiful cross floating in a river and was cover for a brilliant light so this light got that he fell down leaving hanging just from a skinny branch.

He was hanging there until the sunset when people rescued and he told them about that he saw before, the people walked down until the river and took out the cross and carry with them to Ollantaytambo village where is celebrate every Pentecostal day.

Festival en Ollantaytambo - Pirwa Travel 3jpgSomething similar occurred in Cusco city where in different neighborhoods families celebrate a holy mass in honor of a family cross but in Belen church this day start the procession of Virgin of Belen (Cusco´s patron saint city) and San Joseph are carry on procession until Santa Clara Church (in the center of Cusco) passing for important streets of Cusco and accompanied by traditional dances, politic and religious authorities, carguyoc and devotees. With this procession Cusco start with one of the more important and famous religious festival “Corpus Christi”, it will be celebrate the next Wednesday of Pentecostal day , This day is called like “Corpus Christi Entrance” , this day another 12 sculptures of Saints and Virgins come from different neighborhoods and churches, to meet in the Cathedral of Cusco during two weeks.

June is the most celebrating month in Cusco so just come and enjoy from all the magic of Cusco´s colorful dances, musician, traditional and gastronomical Festivals.


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