One day in Lima! – what to see and what to do?

One day in Lima! – what to see and what to do?

The city of Lima is the largest point of entry for tourists to Peru and therefore is an almost mandatory destination to visit during your trip. Whether you want to stay a few days in this city or just use it as a waypoint to board a flight to Cusco or another city, in this blog we give you some ideas to make in a single day.

The city of Lima has a great variety of tourist attractions that sometimes look dull or end up contrasting perfectly the history of the city with the modernity typical of the big cities, since we must highlight that Lima is the second largest city in the city. world over a desert after Cairo in Egypt.


Kennedy Park

This district of Lima is undoubtedly the best area to visit and / or stay during your visit to Peru, the entire district, especially Kennedy Park, which is like the center of the district is surrounded by several restaurants and bars where hundreds of tourists gather and local.

One of the main attractions of this district is the Kennedy Park, where on some days of the week – especially on weekends and holidays – there are artisan, musical and gastronomic fairs in which you can participate and live with local people.

In addition this park has friendly groups of cats, which walk through the park freely and people bring them food and live with them because they are very friendly.

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Located very close to Kennedy Park, this spa is a very busy and safe commercial area where you can enjoy a lunch or drink from one of the several restaurants that have ocean views.

You can also choose to go down to the beach and relax with the sound of the sea.

Callao – Palomino Islands

El Callao is the main port of Peru where fish and seafood are consumed every day in Peruvian homes and restaurants and with which a wide variety of dishes are prepared, such as the famous “Ceviche”, which is a symbol and an emblematic dish of the country made with fish, onion and lemon.

In addition the Callao to be in the Peruvian coast counts on a rich history that goes back to times before the Incas, when it was inhabited by the old settlers who left traces of their existence in an old cemetery on an island very close to Callao.

It is in one of these islands near the Peruvian coast that are located the “Palomino Islands”, this island is inhabited by hundreds of naughty sea lions with whom taking a tour you can swim with or very close to them as they are quite Friendly


Located in the Supe Valley 3 hours away by car from Lima. Caral is currently considered the oldest city in America with about 5000 years old.

This ancient citadel has pyramids, temples, houses and was found during the exploration of the place some objects made of stone, wood, matte (pumpkin) and textiles including an old Quipu which is believed to have been used as a way to record messages or accounts which could only be read by some prepared people called Quipucamayoc.

These are just some of the places you can visit in just one day and which you can schedule during your trip to Peru or during a holiday like the one on this August 30 that is celebrated at the first Saint of America – Santa Rosa de Lima.

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