Oktoberfest Peru – 2018

Oktoberfest Peru – 2018

Enjoy all the German cultural wealth in Peru during the month of October. The Oktoberfest or “October party” is one of the most important celebrations in Germany and the European continent since 1810, the year in which it was celebrated for the first time in the city of Munich – Germany.

This festival is held in Germany every year in an uninterrupted way and you can see gastronomic festivals, music, dances, typical costumes, parades and as a star of the festival “The Beer” which is served by liters during the whole festival.

And since 2002 this renowned festival is celebrated in Peru, having its festive dates on October 25 to 31 in the coast of Lima. During this festival you can try the German cuisine based mainly on sausages and salads, always accompanied by a refreshing beer.

During this festival you can also enjoy music by a German band, live music, dj’s and all the beer you can consume.

Also this year the Oktoberfest will also be celebrated on October 13 in the cities of Cusco, Arequipa and Trujillo so if you are planning to know a little more about the German culture or you just like beer, you can not stop putting this celebration in your itinerary.

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