Oktoberfest Peru 2017 back to the coast of Lima

Oktoberfest Peru 2017 back to the coast of Lima

Since the first edition of Oktoberfest-Perú in 2002, this festival has become one of the most popular events in the country, and even took place in other parts of the country such as Cusco Oktoberfest edition in 2008.

This year, the official Oktoberfest-Perú, will be celebrated between the 27th and 31th October on the seaside esplanade in Magdalena del Mar, Lima.

This edition is coming-up full of great perfomances and shows. You can enjoy more than 10 kind of beer and traditional meals of the german cooking, besides the dancing groups and rock music by the folk german band Zugspitzmusik that is exclusively coming from Germany for the festival.

As of the german O’zapt is! that literally means “It’s open!” acting celebrated at noon in the first day, and that refers to the aperture of the first barrel of beer. You can enjoy of the most authentic festive spirit, among the dances and folkloric music from the Bavarian country.

Traditional costumes

The dancers wear the traditional costumes from Munich: the women wear a ‘dirndl’ composed of a skirt, a smock, a corset and a shirt; and the men wear a ‘lederhosen’ composed of short pants with braces and a hat with mane from goathairs, rooster feather and eagles.

The Bavarian food

As a demonstration of the best German cooking; you can taste traditional meals like the ‘krustenbraten’ (pork) cooked in a cooking peruvian cylinder, the ‘schweinesteak’ (nape pork steak) and the ‘schweinshaxe’ (pork knuckle). As well as the characteristic german cold cuts ‘weisswurst’ (white sausage) accompanied by bretzels and honey mustard. Also the famous classic desserts strudel and apple tart.

Apfelstrudel o Apple tarte.
Apfelstrudel or Apple tart.

Games and competitions

One of the greatest attractions of the festival (besides the beer) are the games and contests, in which anyone can participate; people from all ages can play in the contests and strength games characteristic to the Teutonic culture. One of them, the ‘fingerhackeln’; in which two men measure their strength pulling from a rope tied to a machine just with a finger. Also the beer challenges such as the ‘masskrugstemmen’ that consists in holding a one-litre chop as long as possible.

One of the founders from this celebration in Perú, Sepp Schauberger advice to the first-time visitors: “You have to come with the mind open and very cheerfully. And be ready to let yourself be surprised”; since besides of a cultural celebration, the festival is an ideal event to know new people as well as to meet again friends and family.

Each table row has a waitress in charge, who will take your order directly at your table. It’s important to think ahead how many beers and food you want to order, waitresses don’t like to wait! If you show great manners with them, a better service is guaranteed; and don’t forget the tips!

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You can buy entrance and food tickets by clicking here.


Costa Verde Esplanade in “Magdalena del Mar” district. Only 20 minutes from Miraflores district by car; and 45 minutes from Lima Centre.

Dates: 27th, 28th, 29th y 31th October

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