Nazca, wonders in the desert

Nazca, wonders in the desert

Seven hours to the south of Lima we’ll find a city embedded in  the Nazca desert, an enigmatic place that is home of wonderful buildings of a town that knew how to make this place their home despite the weather.

You can get to this place in two different ways: By plane from Lima, on a trip that will take you around half an hour and by bus from Lima city crossing beautiful places with breathtaking landscapes.

If you are passing through Peru, you can not leave without visiting this city since you can enjoy different options of tours that combine nature, culture, history and adrenaline.

In this article we will tell you just some of the best places to visit in Nazca, a town that is definitely worth visiting once in a lifetime.

The Nazca Lines:

One of the favorite destinations for the visitors, has earned its place due to the incredible figures of animals, plants and even humans captured on the sand that can only be seen from specific points or from the air.

The Nazca lines are undoubtedly one of the most enigmatic places you can see only in Peru, many researchers have dedicated their lives to investigate and try to understand the reason for its construction. There are many theories that have been handled regarding to this place, among them one of the most outlandish indicates that it was a great runway for beings from other planets.

But surely what is most striking are the figures we can find such as birds (the hummingbird, the heron, the crane, the parrot and the pelican) and other animals such as monkeys and spiders.

All these figures give the connotation to the place of being an enormous astronomical calendar that perhaps was used to demarcate the points where water could be found or in a more religious aspect of showing the way to the pilgrims to the city of Cahuachi which was the most important city of the Nazca culture.

Actually we can visit these lines hiring daily flights with very comfortable prices.

The cemetery of Chauchilla
chaucillas-2At one hour from the city of Nazca we can visit a pre-Inca cemetery in which we can appreciate several mummies of the Nazca culture in their original tombs, unfortunately before this place was protected the tomb looters took the valuables as ceramics and Jewelry with which these people were buried.


chauchillasFor the ancient settlers of Peru there was life after death, that’s why they buried their deads with their valuable objects and some personal belongings since they believed that when they pass to the other life they would also need these objects.


The pyramid of Cahuachi and the Oasis of Usaca

One of the best options for lovers of history and adventure. We can take this tour to visit the ancient city and the pyramid of Cahuachi, place that was the administrative center of the Nazca culture. Here is where the elite lived and some settlers whose main activity was agriculture. Every year at certain times of the year thousands of people came to visit this city, probably giving more importance to the Nazca lines and the great dune that were associated with rituals and ceremonies by the Nazca priests.

We can add to our tour a fun visit to the dunes in Usaca, the tour is made in Buggies that are adapted vehicles to be able to travel the desert dunes and even to jump adobe them besides to be able to enjoy the sandboarding that is like surfing, but on the sand.

The Cantayoc aqueducts

acueductosdecantallocopCertainly  the Nazcas were very skillful as they managed master techniques in hydraulic engineering very advanced for their time, one of the evidences are the aqueducts of Cantayoc which took the water to the fields of cultivation even if they were several kilometers away.

If you have not decided where to spend your holidays or the end of the year, Nazca is a perfect place to visit and do not forget to make a stop at our Pirwa Nazca hostel that will offer you the best prices with the best quality in service.


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