Mistura 2017 a striking trip throughout Peruvian Cuisine

Mistura 2017 a striking trip throughout Peruvian Cuisine

Mistura 2017, one of the most famous gastronomic meetings in the world, is arising as a particular tribute to the Amancaes cuisine festival in this edition. The Amancaes cuisine festival was a traditional creole festival of Lima; this year the location is at the same district of the city and also its purpose to revalue the cuisine and creole customs.

The special fact of the Amancaes cuisine festival is that could gather people and customs from the coast and middle regions of Peru, among the best Peruvian cuisine and their original meals and dances.

This year, the festival’s proposal is to regain the atmosphere of creole family meetings as well as the dessert-taste of the traditional Peruvian sweets.

Mistura festival is one of the most interesting cuisine festivals in South America and as time goes by their proposals always has demonstrated inventiveness and creativity.

The festival is taking place from 27th October to 5th November. Among 120 participants; you can find food courts, desserts, wheelbarrows, drinks and bars courts. Besides of having different stands for various kinds of meals.

The festival brings good news so as to the bartending. The Bar Medicinal, offers drinks without alcohol with intense flavours of infusions made with medicinal herbs and medicinal properties.

Estacion8 offers drinks based on cherry and sour orange as well as other drinks from the north of Peru; or La Shactería from Huánuco, which is characterized by its creativity therefore, has tropicalized drinks and coctels known throughout the world, such as the Shucopolitan made with sugar cane. Museo del Pisco, Jammbuche, Ayahuasca among other bars are offering their famous drinks.

Other Peruvian regions will be present offering representative dishes, such as the “guinea pig to the pole” (cuy al palo) from Cusco or the “guinea pig-fried” (cuy frito) from the south coast of Peru. The “grilled pig” (chancho a la brasa) and the “grilled lamb” (cordero a la brasa) from Apurimac.

Among soups and stocks offering will be the “tripes stew” (chupe de mondongo) or “wheat stew” (chupe de trigo) from El Narifa restaurant from Ayacucho. Other such as the “soup with tail stew” (chairo con guiso de rabo) from El Dolo from Cusco or the fusion soups with meat and mushrooms from Kani Fusión.

Besides of the food, there will be music shows for all tastes; The National Group of Folklore, rock and popular music fusion with electro music by “La Patronal” and “La Mente”.

We reccomend you to arrive in week days so as you can avoid the long waiting line and get the most of the fest!

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You can find more information about the schedule and tickets here.


Place: Club Revólver. Adress: Av. Alameda de los Descalzos #202, Rímac – Lima.

Dates: From 27th October to 5th November.

Images from Renzo Vallejo and Craig Nagy on Flickr CC BY 2.0 

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