Inti Raymi – Cusco

Inti Raymi – Cusco

Cusco city attracts thousands of tourists from all over the World each year and it is during the month of June, during the dry season in which receives the highest amount, this due to the fact that the city is located holiday throughout the month.

During the month of June and the end of the month of May, the city started their celebrations with important festivals such as the Qoyllur Ritti (May 29th) and the Corpus Christi (May 31st) both celebrations are a mixture of the Andean inherited from the ancestors Incas and Catholicism brought by the Spaniards.

The main day of the celebrations of the city is on June 24th of each year, the day in which the Inti Raymi or festival of the sun.

What is the Inti Raymi?

This celebration was the most important in Inca times, in which it was celebrating the rebirth of the God Inti (Sun), and this was the beginning of a New Year. (In other parts of South America, such as Bolivia Andean New Year commemorating on June 21st).

The celebration of the Inti Raymi was according to the Inca Garcilaso de la Vega a month, which were carried out in the various activities on the part of the Inca and his royal retinue.

Currently, and in order to commemorate this celebration is a dramatization of the day 24 of June, which tries to describe the way in which the ancestors Incas worshipped the Sun God.


This dramatization takes place in three natural sceneries of the city. Starts at approximately 0:08 am in the Coricancha (place cover with gold) in where they meet the actors representing the priests, royal family, the imperial army and representatives of the 4 suyos, all perfectly dressed in suits that seek to resemble the dress of the character they represent.

The peak in the Coricancha is the output of the Inca, absolute commander and son of the Sun God, who dedicated a song in quechua to begin with the festival.

Ends the ceremony in the Coricancha are all heading toward the Main Square of the city and the Inca and the Qolla – his wife, are transported in bunk beds loaded on the shoulders.

Once in the Main Square of Cusco or Wakaypata (cries) The Inca Trail makes a short stop to salute the people of Cusco that has gathered to watch the festival as one by one the actors and groups make their step by paying tribute to the Inca and his wife then near Sacsayhuaman (Hawk satiated), which is located 30 minutes by car from the city of Cusco.

Sacsayhuamán is the last point, in which a large part of the dramatization, therefore on the esplanade have enabled seats for tourists who wish to pay for watching this show while the population of Cusco and those who do not want to pay are located in the mountains adjacent to the esplanade from where you can appreciate the festival.

In this place the ceromonias of cult of the Sun, the fire and the “sacrifice”of a flame in addition to the presentation of various dances of inca from his own 4 who pay homage to the Sun and his son the Inca. The festival ends at approximately 15:00 hrs.


*If you wish to live together and interact with the local people we recommend you go from very early to Sacsayhuaman as the places (mountains) fill up very quickly.

Bring sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat or hat as the ceremony at Sacsayhuaman is developed by averaging the 13:00 hrs so that the Sun is at its peak.

Water, fruit and snacks which preferably you should buy in the city, the local market of San Pedro is a good alternative.

It should be noted that all the festival will take place in Quechua so hire the services of an interpreter or guide it wouldn’t be a bad idea.

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