Day of the Dead in Cusco

Day of the Dead in Cusco

Although the Day of the Dead is known for being a Mexican celebration, it’s also an important day in a big part of Peru. This celebration every 2nd November, is a commemoration for the dead; on this day, the dead are present amoung the live ones and are received once again to their home and families.

This date is usually connected with the 1st November: All Saints’ Day, a very popular festivity in Cusco.


All Saints’ Day, is a religious event, to remember all catolic saints, including those who don’t have a special day. It’s usually to carry their realistic sculptures trhough the streets and churches. As well as offer some souvenirs and images on the fair crafts located in the Cusco main square surroundings.

Little altar and offering.
Little altar and offering.

In the remote areas o Peru, it’s usually to make little altars at home for the dead with meals and gifts. These things are left through the night as an offering for dead and on the next morning are taken to the cemetery, including some aromatic herbs, confetti, candles, water and some tiny presents.

In many places music bands are hired in tribute to the dead with flowers and gifts.

In the cities, despite not keeping the dead cult, it’s still usually that families gather to visit the cemeteries and churches.

Traditional "Wawa Bread".
Traditional “Wawa Bread”.

In some regions, it is customary to make traditional food; in Cusco, the “roasted pig”, wheat tamale and the peculiar “wawa bread” (bread with baby’s shape) and “horse bread” are very famous. In other regions some desserts are specially made for this occasion.

The fair of meals and crafts in the squares and streets; this is the most curious part of this

"Roasted Pig"
“Roasted Pig”

days. To walk through these places, observe the religious pilgrimage and taste some dish or sweet are the best experiences for the visitors.

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