Cusco, Where to stay?

Cusco, Where to stay?

Cusco is one of the favorite destinations worldwide since it is a forced step towards one of the Wonders of the World – Machu Picchu.

Therefore, there is a need to know where and how much does it cost to stay in this city? The number of hotels, hostels and hostels has been increasing since Machu Picchu was declared as a wonder of the world.

The options are wide and Pirwa Hostels with an experience in the market of 15 years is one of the pioneers in the city to offer their Hostels located in the best areas of the city.

Pirwa Hostels has 2 hostels in the city currently, which offer a variety of room types with comfortable prices for all budgets.

Our Hostels in the city are adapted for all types of travelers whether they are young, adults, families or large groups.

Where they are located?

Our Hostels are strategically located near the main attractions of the city:

            1.- Pirwa Colonial Backpacker

Hostel thinking for young people who want to have fun during their visit to the city without leaving aside the comfort of a clean, beautiful, well located and cheap place.

Pirwa Colonial is located in the Plaza de San Francisco just 2 blocks from the Plaza Mayor of Cusco, very close to the San Pedro market (just 5 minutes walk to be exact), in this market you can find crafts, souvenirs, food and products to prepare your own food in the kitchen that our Hostel offers for free.

If you want to know more about our Hostel click here.

In the post below this paragraph you will find some options of our colonial pirwa hostel and the most popular places near the hostel!

            2.- Pirwa Posada del Corregidor

If you are looking to stay in the heart of the city at a comfortable price, this Hostel is your perfect choice since it is located in the Main Square of the city near everything, restaurants, money exchange, ATM’s, minimarkets , markets, bars and nightclubs.

Pirwa Posada del Corregidor also has its own restaurant where breakfast is served each morning within the rate of our guests – Plus Restaurant – located on the second floor of the Hostel offers a variety of national and international dishes Reasonable prices and also has a balcony that faces the Plaza Mayor!

              3.- Pirwa Garcilaso

Located about 15 minutes walk from the Plaza Mayor of Cusco, Pirwa Garcilaso offers a combination of private rooms and shared dorms at comfortable prices.

Our hostel is very close to the main attractions within the city including the Coricancha (gold fence), this place that is currently a museum has perfectly carved Inca bases that have resisted the earthquakes that the city has suffered. It also has a church which was built on top of the Inca bases.

In this place on June 24 begins with the Inti Raymi which is the most important party in the city. In addition, the Hostel is very close to restaurants, minimarkets, markets, nightclubs and bars. Among the places of interest is only 2 blocks away from the artisanal market of the city, which is the best place to buy handicrafts and souveniers at comfortable prices and a wide variety of silverware, textiles, ceramics and painting.

Pirwa Garcilaso is also only 1 block from the Wanchaq train station where you can buy your train tickets to Aguas Calientes.

Pirwa Hostels offers you 3 hostels with different room options, prices and benefits if you wish to book select your dates and choose the best option for you!

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