Cusco, How is the Holy Week?

Cusco, How is the Holy Week?


Easter is a celebration that is held at the global level and in each of the regions the celebrated in a unique way as in Ayacucho where there are processions take place during the whole week being the Resurrection Sunday more important where thousands of people among locals and visitors to and fro throughout the plaza of Ayacucho trying to load the imposing walk that leads to the risen Christ.

The city of Cusco, which is one of the most important of Peru and America also celebrates the Holy Week, presenting a mix between Catholic and the Andes that was inherited from the ancient Incas.

In the city of Cusco, The Holy Week begins on Palm Sunday, the day on which in the early hours of the morning are masses in all the temples of the city being the most crowded of the Cathedral at the entrance can be seen to sellers of the ramos in the shape of a cross which are blessed and then will be placed in each house as a symbol of protection.

However, it is not until the next day – Monday of Holy Week – that the Holy Week cusqueña reaches its peak.
In the middle of the 13:00 hrs in the Plaza de Armas of Cusco is one of the most important and impressive processions of the city. Is the image of a crucified Christ complexion known as the Lord of the Earthquakes, who is carried on the shoulders of the main streets, squares and temples of the city of Cusco Accompanied by hundreds of people from all over the world.

The population of Cusco meets in the Plaza de Armas before 19:00 hrs in order to receive the “blessing” of the Lord of Earthquakes who is considered the “jury” taking the title from the year 1650, the year in which according to the city suffered an earthquake that brought down the houses and churches, this ended according to when they came out with the image of this Christ Moreno from the Cathedral to the Plaza Mayor.
On Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays are held small processions and masses in the churches of Cusco and is on Good Friday that people from very early toward Sacsayhuaman as part of a penance.

It is not until the night of the Friday that throughout the city there are different processions of the Holy Sepulchre which is the procession of a ballot box, inside of which is a sculpture of a Christ died, all the people accompanied by candles and making prayers and songs which gives it a connotation more mystical than even to raise the skin.

During the Good Friday some families still maintain the tradition of the 12 dishes to prepare 12 dishes based on fish meat generally.
Also in the main streets and the Market of San Pedro you will be able to buy some delicious desserts such as pies and pastries known as “Suspiro a la limeña”. (You can get it in our Plus Restaurant)The Holy Week culminates with Easter Sunday from the morning in all the churches there are masses and processions of the risen Christ.
The city of Cusco has an enormous amount of holidays and Easter Week is one of the that is worth knowing, that is why the chain of Pirwa Hostel offers you 3 Hostels (Pirwa Colonial Backpacker, Pírwa Posada del Corregidor and Pirwa Garcilaso) in the city with well-equipped rooms and in the Historical Center of the city so you can organize your tours and live the faith of an entire people.

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