Chachapoyas How to get, what to do?

Chachapoyas How to get, what to do?


The city of Chachapoyas is located in the north of Peru and is the capital of Amazonas Region. Chachapoyas is a destination that is worth a visit as it has natural and cultural tourist attractions, among them the majestic “fortress of Kuelap” which is compared by some people with the citadel and wonder world – Machu Picchu.

By the cultural richness of this place in this blog we will inform you how to get, what to do, what to see and give you some additional tips.

How to get?

If you are in the city of Lima, the options are many and these may be by air, land or a mixture of both to be able to enjoy the scenery.

  • Lima – Chachapoyas

A direct trip from Lima to Chachapoyas is only possible on Monday and Thursday with Atsa Airlines Company, that allows you to bring in the cellar up to 10 kg of baggage.

  • Lima – Jaen – Chachapoyas

Air companies such as LATAM Airlines have daily flights from Lima to Jaén (Cajamarca); from this city you can take a collective van or local bus to take you to Chachapoyas in a journey of 4 hours approximately. This is the best stretch through the landscapes that gives you the route.

  • Lima – Chiclayo – Chachapoyas

This is another alternative if you want to visit the Peruvian coast on your way. You can board a flight from Lima to Chiclayo, Latam and LC Peru have daily flights and once in Chiclayo you will have to board a bus to take you to Chachapoyas in a journey of 9 hours approximately.

What to do and visit in Chachapoyas?

The Amazon region has a large number of tourist attractions that you can visit during your trip to Peru, below are some of the most popular and you can perform from the city of Chachapoyas.

Kuelap: This citadel or fortress as it is called, is an important pre-Incan vestige of the Chachapoyas culture built in the highest part of the mountains in a sector that can only be reached by taking a new mobility from Chachapoyas to Tingo on a journey of 1 hour; then take one of the cable cars that will leave just a 20-minute walk from the entrance to this magnificent citadel.

Kuelap has a several amount of sacred places, shrines, and the remains of dwellings, spreading in a field of almost 6 ha. For this reason and the mystery of the place there are some who compare it to Machu Picchu.

Gocta Waterfall: If your love the nature or just want to visit a place with breathtaking landscapes and a place to relax – Gocta Waterfall – are your best option.

It is one of the largest waterfalls in the world and can be visited in one day starting from the city of Chachapoyas to Cocachimba village that is an hour’s drive from where it is necessary to walk for 2 hours until we arrive at the fall of the waterfall, where you can relax swimming in its crystal clear waters.

The Mausoleums of Revash: One of the best vestiges of the Chachapoyas culture and their way of burying their dead. This is very similar to houses of up to 3 levels located on the cliff of the mountain.

This place can be visited in a day and can be mixed with a visit to the village of Leymebamba in which museum exhibits more than 200 mummies of the Chachapoyas culture.

Quiocta Caverns: If you like speleology, you cannot miss this place. This is a cave in whose interior you can see stalactites and stalagmites in a distance of up to 500 m. To do this you will carry or you can rent rubber boots and a flashlight.

The visit to these caverns can be performed in one day and you can be visited on the way the Sarcophagus of Karajia – imposing sarcophagi of anthropomorphic form of almost 2 meters of height where the ancient Chachapoyas placed their mummies.

These are just a few places you can visit in Chachapoyas in a trip of 3 or 4 days.

What to bring?

If you have planned to visit this amazing region, you need to bring light clothes and warm clothes as Amazon is not exactly a warm, good hiking shoes, rain poncho, sun block, insect repellent and a good camera or camcorder with which you can capture the best shots of your trip.

If after reading this post you encouraged to travel to Chachapoyas, remember that Pirwa Travel and Inca World Peru can help you with your trip with your tailor-made tours and with affordable prices.

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