Celebrate the World Folklore Day in Cusco!

Celebrate the World Folklore Day in Cusco!

ciudad-cusco pequeñoEvery August 22th since 1846 World Folklore Day is celebrated, given that archaeologist William John Thoms who named for the first time the knowledge of a population as Folklore; a complete mixture of popular wisdom. Such a superstition, traditions, habits, music, dance and art of a population in a certain place. Curiously, these things are being now more present from day to day.

Cusco just fits perfectly to get involved in this popular wisdom celebration, an enviable city because of its culture, the city is truly dynamic and modernizes as current trends appear, without losing its origins and roots from quechuas in all its professions, which in fact become very attractive because of its authenticity.


Throughout the year, Cusco celebrates several religious, civic and traditional festivities; festivals and dance are an important part in folklore festivities; among dances that represent battles or significant events in which participate warriors followed by their midwifes, demons and mythical animals, are characteristic of the imaginary and the beliefs of the Andean people; many times accompanied by an astonishing atmosphere plenty of mockery and sarcasm.


The city is without a doubt, a sort of museum-city that can be appreciated in every street, market, church or archaeological centre, with Kachampa-de-Urubamba-1a significant historical richness like in the majestic Cathedral of the city built in almost a hundred years.

Zones like Sacred Valley of the Incas are certainly the best places to know building testimonies of the ancient Inca architecture and other previous cultures that inhabited the area. Pisac, Ollantaytambo, Andahuaylillas and Moray are the best evidence of the beauty of the valley.

Throughout the Sacred Valley each town pays homage to the local patron saint with festivals that usually lasts for several days.

If you’re coming to Cusco in August, Virgen Asunta’s Festival in Calca’s town, just 2 hrs from the city of Cusco by car is one of the best alternatives to be part of the magic, tradition and history of this amazing place.000307353Wasaf

Also you can the most visiting a still little-known but attractive centre of Huchuy Qosqo.


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