Come and celebrate Halloween in Cusco

Come and celebrate Halloween in Cusco


Halloween in Spanish “Noche de Brujas” is celebrated every October 31st. This celebration is so popular that it has crossed borders and is now also celebrated throughout the world and Peru is no exception, especially the city of Cusco.

But many wonder where this celebration comes from? What is the history? And why is so popular? In the following we answer you:

Halloween has been celebrated for more than 3000 years ago by the Celts, a warrior people who inhabited the areas of Ireland, England, Scotland and France. Precisely on October 31, the Celts celebrate a pagan holiday with the end of the year. With the European migration to the United States, mainly that of the Irish Catholics in 1846, the Halloween traditions arrived in the Americas. When talking about Halloween or “Noche de Brujas” it is believed to be a costume party this is how this celebration became so popular.

How Halloween is celebrated in Cusco

The city of Cusco is no exception to this celebration. Weeks before begin preparations in: shopping centers, restaurants, bars, hotels, etc. All shops entrances are decorated with: cobwebs, spiders, bats and witches with their golden pumpkins to scare everyone.

In addition, for several years the city of Cusco has a solid tradition, going out on the streets during October 31 disguised in a dark way. The meeting point is the Main Square of the city of Cusco, called “Plaza de Armas” it is flooded with a ghostly atmosphere and cause for terror. Many citizens and foreigners come out in costumes alluding to super heroes, skeletons, zombies, horror movie people and/or some fashion character.

During the sunset, children in groups or accompanied by their parents and/or family run through the streets in disguise with their little golden pumpkins, where they keep the candy they will collect in supermarkets and some other businesses that share this popular tradition of Halloween.

Where to get Halloween Costume

If you want to feel the spirit and be part of the party, you can get a good costume with a low budget in some stores in the city where you can get many options according to your taste and pocket, just take some forecasts and make purchases by the morning and / or afternoon as at night business and streets are crowded by last minute shoppers.

Where to celebrate Halloween

Pirwa Halloween! For travelers, the party focuses on the bars of the city where presentations with live music are organized, we invite you to visit us at our bar in Pirwa Colonial Backpacker located in San Francisco Square just 2 blocks from the Main Square called “Plaza de Armas”, where you can enjoy the best prices and promotions on drinks and alcoholic beverages.



This day in Peru is celebrated the day of the creole song “Día de la Canción Criolla”, so it is not surprising that in bars they put this kind of music typical of Peru.

So, if you do not have plans for the end of this month we invite you to visit Cusco, that is undoubtedly the best option to celebrate with friends and will be the opportunity to meet people from other countries and much better if it is through the “Pirwa Hostels” family.


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