Anniversary of Arequipa – August 2018

Anniversary of Arequipa – August 2018

This August 15th the “White City” of Arequipa celebrates its 478th anniversary of Spanish foundation as the “Beautiful Villa of our Lady of the Assumption”.

For this reason, the entire Arequipa population is ready to celebrate their city anniversary, which has a dry climate during the winter, autumn and spring and due to the presence of humidity it also has a temperate climate.

Brief History

The history of the city of Arequipa goes back to many years before the arrival of the Spaniards, with the first nomads, gatherers and fishermen who lived along the Chili River whose waters bathe the whole valley making their land fertile and that they were desired and appreciated by diverse cultures among which the Inca stands out.

It is believed that the first Inca to reach this valley was Mayta Capac, to whom some of his subjects asked him to stay in the place given the great beauty and richness he had, to which the Inca replied – “Ari qhipay” in Spanish it means “Yes, stay”.

After the fall of the Inca State at the hands of the Spaniards, the Beautiful Villa of Our Lady of the Assumption was founded on August 15, 1540, receiving several titles throughout the colonial period, among which the “Fidelisima” stand out. that its authorities were faithful to the Spanish crown, even joining some of them against the uprising of Tupac Amaru in the city of Cusco.

Currently the city of Arequipa is the second most populated city in Peru and has great industrial, economic and tourist progress.

Festival and activities

Throughout the month of August cultural activities and fairs are held in honor of the city where the best of the city is presented in the fields of art, music, poetry and gastronomy.

But it is the August 15th central day that the “Corso de la Amistad” takes place, date in which the Plaza Mayor of Arequipa is crowded with allegorical cars, dances, musicians displaying their joy for another anniversary of the city.

Discover where to stay Here!Main tourist places

Arequipa has a great diversity of tourist attractions among which stand out: the Plaza Mayor and its pool, the neighborhoods and viewpoints of Yanahuara and Carmen Alto, the Colca Canyon and the Cotahuasi Canyon listed among the deepest canyons in the world.

It also has walks to the emblem of the city, the Misti Volcano whose peak can be reached by taking the Chiguata route on a 2-day and 1-night trek.

Arequipa is waiting for you this month of August and you can not stop visiting and celebrating such as arequipeño!

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