Andahuaylillas: a treasure in the South Valley of Cusco

Andahuaylillas: a treasure in the South Valley of Cusco

Andahuaylillas’ town is located in Quispicanchi, province of Cusco, at 36 km from the city of Cusco, 45 min by bus. It’s also known as the South Valley of Cusco, this area has a great potential of attractions, for its cultural legacy as well as its material richness; besides of being part of the Andean Baroque Path thanks to its amazing chapel, considered as the Sistine Chapel of America.

The weather has temeperature siwngs from 0 to 21 °C, for we recommend bringing sunscreen as well as jackets and clothings for the rain.

These are the best attractions to see and visit in this..  city

Pikillacta. The Citadel of Pikillacta is located 8 km from Andahuaylillas, this area was a preincan citadel in the era of the Wari civilization; many scientists consider that had a great urban.. planning. The buildings still standing are separated by streets and surrounding walls that heighted 12 meters. This area might be a military fort that inhabited more than 10 thousand people.

Central zone, Pikillacta – Tipón platforms.

Tipon Archaeological centre. This place is a demonstration of the engineering skills of the incas; it’s located at 9.5 km from Andahuaylillas. It’s made up by 12 terraces surrounded by walls, channels and waterfalls.

San Pedro Apóstol Andahuaylillas Chapel is considered as the Sistine Chapel of America.

The actual chapel started to building in 1610; nevertheless it’s a general belief that there was a little church built above an ancient Inca temple in the end of the XVI century.

The chapel harbours artistic walls and valuable colonial paintings. Still we can observe some remains of the Inca architecture. In the main altarpiece stands the Saint of the village: La Virgen del Rosario.

Among the walls you can find the portrait of the only women that has ruled the Catholic Church between the years 855 – 857; the Pope Joan. Besides of many walls with evangelizing purposes, even images showing the paradise and hell, and texts in 5 languages such latin, quechua, aymara and puquina, native languages from the surrounding regions.

On many walls you will see several painting layers, painted in different eras; as a valuable testimony from the history and religiousness of the modern Andean and South American culture.

Andahuaylillas organs are the oldest of Latin America. Both are situated in the high choir, one in each side. They were made in the XVII century and were restored recently; they are used for Sunday masses.

This chapel features one of the best and varied decorations in the world, for its artistic value as well as its cultural value.

A few minutes from the village is located the wetlands of Lucre-Huacarpay, one the most important ecosystem types in Cusco, it harbours up to 120 bird species (between local and migratory), they can be spotted for the most of the year.

Also you might visit other places like crafts workshops, the Q’ewar Project, a cooperative that makes distinctive dolls in traditional costumes, the main products stores of the community and the eclectic Museo Ritos Andinos, as well the Qoriorcco’s cow house if you want to get some fresh milk; and finally get some delicious wheat tiny breads and sweets.

The cuisine of the village has as main dishes the roasted Guinea Pig, the Fried Trout and the traditional Tarpuy Uchu, made with quinoa, guinea pig, pumpkin toast among other local products.

You can arrange a complete tour to the South Valley of Cusco and know the best things that Andahuaylillas has to offer by visiting our website.

How to get?

You can get to Andahuaylillas taking buses from the city of Cusco; on La Cultura Avenue for 4 or 5 soles (local currency).

Images from Eduardo Zárate and Paulo Guereta on Flickr licensed by CC, PromPerú and rutadelbarrocoandino ©.

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