Adventure in Tambopata, a breathtaking destination

Adventure in Tambopata, a breathtaking destination

Know the misterious rain-forest of Tambopata, one of the most breathtaking destinations in Southamerica, with our classic and adventure tours. This month it’s celebrating the 27th touristic week of Tambopata and might be the best time of the year to make the most of its attractions.

The Tambopata National Reserve, officially created as the Reserved Area of Tambopata-Candamo in 1990, is located between the middle and low area of the Tambopata River, that harbours one of the world highest rates in biological diversity, can be visited throughout the year. Among the ecosystems that find shelter in the area the bogs and wetlands are the most common; the reserve harbours mainly acuatic habitats used as whereabouts for more than 40 kinds of trans-continental migratory birds.

The area has a sub-tropical humid climate with an average temperature of 26 °C with picks and lows between 38 and 10 °C. The best time to visit place is on low rainfall periods between June and October, however there’s always the chance to catch a dip in the middle of the dry season.

One of the most famous places in Tambopata is Sandoval Lake, located in the catchment area of the River Madre de Dios. This water mirror of 127 hectares is surrounded by palm trees filled with macaws and is located just 30 min navigating through Puerto Maldonado River. In its waters inhabit a numerous family of sea lions which we can see hunting and grooming above the trunks.

The primary attactions of Tambopata are the colpas that are situated en shore of the rivers, gathering hundreds of wildlife birds such as macaws, hawks and parrots, offering a ravishing colourful and resounding spectacle (specially between 5 and 9 in the morning)

If you decide to explore this mysterious jungle with one of our tour packages, the accommodation is always in a licenced eco-lodge, most of them offer isolated bungalows for tourits.

Our packages vary by number of days, destinations and recreational or adventure activities. You can choose observe for a little longer nature with classic tours of 3, 4 and 5 days visiting preservation centres or places or watching  places such as the observing tower of the area; or go through fearless treks with the adventure packages from 1 to 5 days, in which you can practice Rural biking, Recreational fishing, Kayak, Zipline and Canopy.

Adventure packages include night walks, during which you can observe insects, birds, bats, walruses or the musmuqui (the only kind of nocturne monkey in the world), also the Hoatzin, the only cud-chewing bird in the world known by the villagers as Shansho.

Our classic tours include a visit to the Island of Monkeys, as well as visit to Taricaya Rescue Centre, that has managed to save more than 12 thousand taricaya turtles and conserve several animals declared endagered.


Tambopata is one of the most unexplored zones of Amazonian jungle. The presence of thousands of species have been reported in this area, among 600 bird species, more than a thousand butterfly species and more than 100 fish, mammals and reptile species.

If you are going to visit this place be sure to bring binoculars, sun block, sun hat and water. The afternoon is the most confortable moment to watch the wildlife since the heat is not too suffocating.

Another activity you can do is the Canopy- on a suspension bridge. Almost 100 meters height nest to the top of the highest trees of the Amazon; where you can watch several frog species, birds such as the toucan or lizards such as gecko, among others.

Cloths for the route.

Light cotton long-sleeved shirts (3)
Long and light pants (3)
Sun hats (2)
Sun block
Slippers (2)
Camera, Film camera
Pocket lantern
Personnel medicine
Insect repellent

Images from Ken Bosma, Bill Simon, and Brian Ralphs on Flickr licenced by Creative Commons CC BY 2.0 

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