A Bigger, Better, & More Central Pirwa Puno Hostel!

A Bigger, Better, & More Central Pirwa Puno Hostel!

Reception area at Pirwa Puno HostelPirwa Hostels is excited to announce that Pirwa Puno has recently moved to a larger, more central, building just two blocks from Puno’s main square! The five-story building boasts views of Lake Titicaca and Kuntur Wasi (House of the Condor) Lookout from its rooftop terrace, and it’s only a short walk from the hostel to Puno port.

All of the rooms have private bathrooms, exterior-facing windows, and closets. If you choose a private room rather than a shared dorm, there are also flat-screen televisions and portable heaters. Portable heaters for the shared dorms can be obtained upon request, but this isn’t guaranteed as it depends on availability.

Married Double with Private Bath in Pirwa Puno HostelMarried Double with Private Bath in Pirwa Puno HostelTriple with Private Bath in Pirwa Puno Hostel

There’s Wi-Fi throughout, and books and DVDs are available as well. Despite the improvements, the new Pirwa Puno Hostel is still a work in progress: Soon, there’ll be a small bar for sharing drinks with your travel friends!

Twin Double Room with Private Bath in Pirwa Puno HostelTwin Double Room with Private Bath in Pirwa Puno Hostel4-Bed Shared Dormitory with Private Bath in Pirwa Puno Hostel

Puno is a popular destination for travelers who wish to visit some of the islands on Peru’s side of Lake Titicaca, or to cross the border into Bolivia by land. Although the town itself may not have much to commend it, the lake is unquestionably worth the trip: The traditional Quechua islands of Amantani and Taquile, and the Floating Islands of Uros, have natural beauty, ancient culture, friendly residents, pre-Incan ruins, and expansive lave views to recommend them- what more could you ask for? You need to prepare for cold winds while on the lake, but it’s an unforgettable experience regardless. (You can store larger luggage back at the hostel at no additional cost during your excursion.)

Most travelers arrive in Puno by bus from View of Lake Titicaca from Amantani IslandCusco, Bolivia’s Copacabana, or Arequipa’s Colca Canyon. If you choose to fly in, you’ll actually arrive in dusty, menacing Juliaca. Transport from Juliaca to Puno isn’t cheap considering it’s only a 45-minute ride, but shuttles are available across the street from the airport if you’d rather not arrange private transport. The most luxurious choice is the train from Cusco to Puno, which is considered the most scenic train ride in the Americas. (It’s received numerous travel awards to this extent.)

If you’re planning on visiting Lake Titicaca and need assistance with transport to Puno, excursions, and lodging, feel free to contact our travel agency Pirwa Travel Service for assistance. Our specialists have more than a decade of experience providing travel services in Peru.

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