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Expo Sabor Cebiche Perú 2011

Expo Sabor Cebiche Perú 2011

Callao´s 1st Annual Ceviche Fair

Beautiful Plate of CevichePreparations are underway for Callao´s 1st Annual Ceviche Fair, Expo Sabor Cebiche Perú 2001, which will be taking place from the 22nd-24th of July on the esplanade of Real Felipe Fort at the Por of Callao.  More than 40 of the area´s best-known restaurants will be participating, among them La Pescadería, El Rincón del Ronco, El Mirador, Las Ballestas, El Colorado, and El Cebiche del Rey, as well as some metropolitan Lima establishment.  Stands will be judged by the quality of their dishes, service, and atmosphere, with the winner taking home a ticket to the United States to participate in Taste of Perú 2011 in Miami this coming November.

Although ceviche stars, being Peru´s national dish, there´ll be a large variety of sea-food based dishes on the menu, including but not limited to ceviche´s stylish Japanese-influenced little brother, tiradito del rey, corvine fish in nauta sauce, fish skewers, cojinova fish in mushroom fish, and more…You´ll be right on the oceanfront in an area known for offering flavorful and fresh seafood dishes, so no matter what you choose you can´t lose.

While You´re There, Don´t Miss….

The Fair´s site is perfect for sightseeing, as Real Felipe Fortress on the Port of Callaoits located at one of Callao´s primary tourist attractions, La Fortaleza de Real Felipe (The Royal Phillip Fort) on the Port of Callao.  This pentagonal 18th century stone fortress was designed to defend against British pirates and privateers in search of gold-laden galleons.  The fortress provided refuge of the new government and parliament of Perú in the first years of independence, when Perú was still in the process of throwing off the colonial yoke.

From the port you can take a boat to the rocky outcrops known as the Palomino Islands, about an hour out.  From here you´ll be on the other side of the original conflict, as one of these, El Frontón, used to be a refuge for pirates targeting the port before becoming Sea Lion Colony at Islas Palominothe site of an infamous prison.  The island that will take your breath away, however, is San Lorenzo, a natural refuge for sea birds as well as for a sociable sea lion colony 60,000-strong.  You´ll also see hundreds of Humboldt Penguins creating a ruckus, though these are shyer than the sea lions.  The Palomino Islands are a great alternative for those who can´t fit the Ballestas Islands into their trip.


The Port of Callao is a well-frequented and welcoming area, but there are many areas of urban Callao which are not safe for travelers.  As such, it bears remembering,

  • Don´t try wandering around other areas without researching them first
  • Don´t flaunt your valuables (cameras, mp3s, money belt)
  • Stay elsewhere, as you don´t need much time to explore the sights here

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